Makara Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent. Is there a more awesome name for a watch? Honestly, if there is I’m not aware of it. The Sea Serpent is the newest watch on offer from Makara, a company who has successfully launched two watches that stand out from the crowd. Makara markets the Sea Serpent as badass and unique, and I have to say that it hits both marks on the nose. It looks good, it looks damn good. Makara has made quite the statement with their bold case design. They obviously aren’t scared to buck all trends and go their own way, and their products are all the better for it.

From the outset, it is clear that the Makara Sea Serpent isn’t your run of the mill homage microbrand design. The unique case shape stands out from the crowd following the beautifully unique case shape that we have come to expect from Makara. The case measures in at 42mm wide and 50mm lug to lug, which should sit nicely on the wrist. At 14.3mm thick it should have some presence on the wrist without being obnoxiously large. It is available in your choice of stainless steel, bronze, or black pvd coating.

The Sea Serpent will be the first watch from Makara to feature an exhibition case back, and Makara has opted for the Miyota 8S20 movement. This in my opinion is very much the correct choice, and Makara seems poised to hold to that decision despite a push to move to a Seiko NH series movement. While I consider the Seiko NH series the go to for most watches in this price point, I have to applaud Makara for taking aesthetics into consideration on this decision. By going to the Miyota movement, the only feature lost is hacking seconds, which is a worthy trade off for the Geneva stripes and skeleton rotor. I have a case full of watches with an exhibition case back and Seiko NH series movement that I feel just took the easy way out, and will never prompt me to look at the case back for the simple fact that the NH series just looks plain. It’s boring. This Miyota movement may very well warrant a second glance every now and then, and for a watch that boldly markets itself as savage and unique, this is a move in the right direction. The Miyota movement will be just as accurate as the Seiko, and should satisfy anyone looking for a unique watch at this price point.

The double domed sapphire crystal will provide excellent visibility while giving the watch superior durability and scratch resistance. A 24mm silicone strap will keep the watch secure on the wrist while providing a fuller look with the narrower case, as compared to the previous Sea Turtle.

Makara has decided to double down with the badass, savage, and unique claim with a brass knuckle shaped buckle. The buckle will come in the same three colors as the case to maintain a cohesiveness throughout the watch. It provides a very distinctive character to the watch and further shows just how far Makara are willing to push the evnvelope on what a quality watch should be.

A custom signed screw down crown at 4 o’clock really caps this watch off, and helps to provide assurance of the 100m water resistance signified on the dial.

I really wanted to save my favorite feature about this watch for last, and it’s the green. I just can’t get over it. It’s stunning. Somehow it got under my skin. So much so in fact that I decided to back the Kickstarter campaign before I even knew the full specs of the watch. I even forewent the bronze option, solely because I needed that green. It’s so restrained and minimalist, while being so bold and in your face that I couldn’t possibly stay away. Since the Kickstarter has launched, Makara has decided to also offer the black case with the green accents, and what I thought was perfect somehow got even better.

There is still time to grab what promises to be on of the best watches of the year at an amazing price. The Kickstarter campaign ends August 31st, and there are still spots available starting at $250. Don’t miss out on this one.

Find it here on Kickstarter

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