Axios Ironclad

How good can a watch get under $500? Axios is attempting to push the boundary with the Ironclad. Axios comes from the some of the same minds as Zelos and Ventus, both of which offer some of the best bang for the buck I’ve come across, and should translate into one of the nicest quality micros to hit the market this year. The spec sheet is off the charts, and if you have the money you absolutely can not pass this one up.

The Ironclad features a 40mm 316L stainless steel case with double domed sapphire crystal, and boasts 500m of water resistance. This puts it right in the sweet spot for most enthusiasts for size, and should be more than enough water resistance to satisfy most. Despite the 500m water resistance, the case is only 13.8mm thick with the domed crystal.

The Ironclad is equipped with a ceramic bezel with C3 X1 and BGW9 lume. The contrasting lumes on the bezel seem to have been done in a very minimalist way, and I think the watch really benefits from it.

In terms of movement, Axios opted for the Sellita SW-200, and I think that is the perfect choice for this one. It’s probably my favorite movement when it comes to delivering a smooth sweep with great accuracy at a decent price.

Just when you think it already sounds too good to be true, Axios puts the cherry on top by fully coating the Ironclad with a scratch resistant coating. This will help keep the watch looking great for years to come.

Axios is giving us one of the most impressive spec sheets I’ve seen in this price range with the knowledge to back it up. Obviously the watch community agrees as the Ironclad was fully funded in less than 3 minutes. Pledges are still available starting at $449, and I can’t encourage you enough to order one now. The Kickstarter ends September 19th.

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